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Demand for homes in Bangalore to be driven by NRIs

The outbreak of COVID-19 has a deep impact on the real estate market in India. The Indian economy is declining day by day. Apart from this no denying fact, the Indian real estate market is witnessing high demand for houses from NRIs. There are many houses for sale that are ready to move in. But COVID-19 caused delays in bookings and shifting. The real estate Industries faced a decline in demand at the end of March and at the beginning of April. The real estate industry has become an attractive asset class with improved affordability in the current situation, and healthy relative return that has attracted the attention of both NRIs and the locals across the world. There are many properties for sale that are vacant and both locals and NRIs have an eye on them. NRIs coming back to the homeland! We can say there are many reasons attached to the coming back of NRIs to the homeland like, the widespread of novel COVID-19, and the strength of the dollar against rupee that has provided them ea

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